WHY Become a Structured Literacy Tutor?

We've all been told that education is important and necessary for a successful future. However, as many parents and teachers of dyslexic learners, we know, school and common forms of systemic learning doesn’t always come easy for everyone. Infact, school can very quickly become a scarey, unmanageable place if students are not taught in a manner that matches their learning style and abilities. The Children's Dyslexia Center knows exactly how to help these students, but we need to train more people to reach the 1 in 5 children who needs our help!

Here at the CDCUW we are always looking for people who want to make a positive impact within a child's life and education by giving their time and resources to become a Structured Language Tutor.

1. Boost a student’s confidence. Tutoring is a great way to help boost a student’s confidence. There’s nothing more satisfying than watching the look of understanding pass across their face.

2. Improve your own confidence. Not only can tutoring help a student’s confidence, but it can help yours. First-time tutoring can be pretty nerve-wracking, so when you do see a student fully grasp a concept, self-confidence in your own skills improves and you know these new skills have the power to change a life.

3. Expand your knowledge. We can’t all be experts on everything. When a student has a problem or question you don’t fully know the answer to, it gives you an opportunity to expand your own knowledge and consult our experience staff. Each child is different and may need a specific approach to learning.

4. Gain experience teaching. If you’re interested in teaching or working in a classroom, then tutoring is the perfect chance to gain more experience and see if it would be the right path for you. Plus, if you’re already on the path to become a teacher, then tutoring gives you that extra edge of experience for the future.

5. Add to your resume. Whether you choose to volunteer as a tutor or work for money, tutoring still adds valuable content to your resume, making you more marketable for potential careers later on.

6. Enjoy flexible hours. The best thing about tutoring is that it’s one-on-one, which makes scheduling a breeze. If you’re looking for something meaningful to do that can fit into your busy scheduling, tutoring provides flexible hours.

7. Earn extra income. While our tutoring is volunteer-based, after your practicum is completed some paid positions are available and can provide extra income. Some trained tutors also provide private lessons once their IMSLEC accreditation is met.

8. Build valuable relationships. Of course, tutoring also gives you the opportunity to build valuable relationships with your students. Make new friends, become a mentor figure and create a lasting impression in someone’s life through a tutoring relationship.

9. Give back to the community. If you want to help your community, then tutoring is an awesome way to do so. Support those around you in a BIG way, by giving back through your time and resources.

10. Have fun! Finally, tutoring is just plain fun. While school can be difficult, finding new and engaging ways to teach the material creates an enjoyable and personal environment for you and your students.

Children's Dyslexia Center Tutor,

Linda Benz shares her insight on becoming a Structured Literacy Tutor.

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