The Beat Goes On!

COVID 19 has created all sorts of chaos and frustration for many, but it has also created unique opportunities to connect in new and innovative ways! Schools across the country have closed or moved to remote instruction, which has left our struggling learners with even less support than they may have had before all the COVID 19 safer-at-home practices went into effect. While our accredited program promotes best practices of face-to-face, individualized remedial lessons, we have found that our kiddos need us now more than ever so we have successfully transitioned temporarily to online lessons.

The most amazing team of MSLE practitioners took on the challenge of learning all the quirks of technology (much like learning a foreign language) in about a week’s time so that the effective support we have provided to children for the last ten years could continue. Our kiddos are continuing to get the one-to-one, direct, explicit, systematic, cumulative, and multisensory instruction – only in a modified format. In essence out music was still playing but our song had changed. At a time when families have an even bigger burden of juggling work from home, providing for their family despite any financial hurdles, or balancing this new way of life and well-being, parents are also having to support the kiddo’s education in new and challenging ways. While there are plenty of variables, at the heart of it all is that families needed our continued support so our team stepped up in big ways.

I am proud of our team and am honored to help lead our mission in providing kiddos with the remedial instruction and support they need to excel academically. As we continue to move forward and find new ways to support our mission, I invite you to consider how you might also support our mission. The song may have changed but….the beat goes on and so shall we.



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