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Did you know that the Children’s Dyslexia Center of Upper Wisconsin is not the only Dyslexia Center in Wisconsin or even in the nation? It’s true! We are part of a larger organization known as Children’s Dyslexia Centers, Inc. that consists of 42 centers across 13 states in the northeast part of the country. The nonprofit organization was founded by the Scottish Rite Masonic organization in 1994 and has a headquarters office located in Lexington, Massachusetts. The team at the headquarters office supports work being done at the centers throughout the northeast by providing administrative support, organizational oversight, and training accreditation management.

The team is a wonderful piece of our puzzle. At the center of the puzzle is the Director of Operations for Children’s Dyslexia Centers Inc., Robert Ogg. Bob oversees all the dyslexia centers under the umbrella of the nonprofit organization and though he is retiring in April, has been an integral part of the progress and succession of the centers.

While Bob oversees the centers, he has a dedicated team that ensures important aspects of the administration and education are handled efficiently and effectively. The International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council (IMSLEC) accredited training program provided at the Children’s Dyslexia Centers is a gold standard program. Carin Illig and Kathleen Carlson provide tremendous insight and support regarding method of instruction, curriculum, training, accreditation, and more. They travel to all the centers to ensure that proper protocol for record keeping, training, and tutoring are being met. We are fortunate to have incredible support and encouragement from both Carin and Kathleen.

The team would not be complete without the administrative support crew. Dan Quattrocchi and Charlotte Neugebauger are the ‘numbers folks’ who make sure that all the bills are paid and budgets balance. But the primary point of contact comes from the administrative assistant duo, Tricia Marchese and Donna Broderick! Tricia and Donna are amazing at supporting us and making sure that all our t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted.

Regardless of the role they play, each of the staff members at the headquarters office is a piece of the puzzle that completes a wonderful picture. Thanks to this great team, we are better able to do what we do best in the greater Chippewa Valley and Twin Ports area of Wisconsin – train adults in a highly credentialed training program and provide exceptional instruction to children who need additional support that is tailored specifically for them. Our affiliation with 41 other centers allows us to grow and learn from others who are working toward the same goal in a united but individualized way.

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