Heroes Read, Write, & Rappel Over the Edge for Dyslexia

We are taking things to new heights! Six stories higher actually – to the rooftop of Banbury Building #17 in Eau Claire. When we talk about being “locally funded” people ask what that means. For us, it means getting to know people in the community and connecting with others who value the services we provide. It means sharing the stories of children and their families who rely on our services. It means building partnerships with businesses who want a better workforce in the future. It means providing valuable information with educators. And it means being in a position to make life better

for a child who has struggled needlessly through the local support of the community’s time, talent, and treasures.

Now, I know that seems pretty vague and some might just say that “locally funded” means getting money from people and businesses in the local community. That may be true on some level but really it is so much more than money. Locally funded for you may mean sharing your time by volunteering at our incredible events like Heroes Read, Write, and Rappel for Dyslexia. It might mean sharing your talent that may be needed to help make the event a huge success such as DJ services, clucking around in a chicken costume, or rappelling from the roof with your friends cheering you on. It may mean sharing your treasures, which could be money but it could be any number of other things that help make an event successful. Participating in our awesome events, in any capacity, helps us to better serve children and their families, better serve trainees wanting to perfect their craft and help kids, and better support our community by bringing people together in fun and unusual ways!

Each year we host several events that are aimed at raising awareness about dyslexia as well as income for our center. This year we’re introducing a new event that has never been done in Eau Claire before. We’ve contracted with a company called Over The Edge, that helps non-profits and charities with their fundraising goals by helping them throw

amazing urban rappelling events. On May 11, 2019 individuals can rappel from the top of Banbury Place. This is not for the faint of heart but certainly for a child at heart. The million dollar question is….Do you have what it takes to be an “Hero Edger?”

Your time, talents, and treasures are important so we’ve created opportunities for you to be involved in this event by registering to rappel as an individual, creating or joining a team to fundraise for a rappeller, donating time or treasures to a campaign, or volunteering at the event. To rappel, individuals and teams register then gather sponsors to reach a $1000 rappelling minimum. Those who don’t want to rappel can support an edger by contributing toward their financial goal, participate in the “Chicken Coop” if they are “too chicken to rappel”, or volunteer at the event with things such as handing out water, guiding spectators, lending a hand at the ropes, and a bunch of other opportunities.

Please consider joining us for a once in a lifetime experience! Go to https://www.wicdc.org/over-the-edge to register or donate securely.


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