A Moment with a Student

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

At the Children’s Dyslexia Center of Upper Wisconsin, our mission is to provide the highest quality instructional services to children who face challenges with reading, writing, and spelling.  This mission also means we are blessed to have wonderful opportunities in being a positive force for change in a child’s life.  The children we serve range in age from seven to 18 years old and travel from as far as two hours away to receive free services.


The instruction we provide is not only the highest quality but equally as effective.  When kiddos begin receiving instruction at our Centers they are typically reading two to six grade levels behind their peers.  Though this is certainly frustrating for them, it by no means implies that they are stupid, dumb, lazy, or any other term that implies less intelligent.  In fact, this is the furthest from the truth.  They are smart, creative, funny, and highly intelligent young people.


Jon, a current student at our Eau Claire campus, says that lessons are “AWESOME”!  MaKayla and Amari excitedly share that because of the instruction they receive at the Center they can “read faster and better at tutoring and at school”.  Amari loves that no tests are given at the Center but he really loves that he was taught cursive.  He states “when I write in cursive I have a lot of independence and write neat.”  Though Evan is quick the state “school is boring but tutoring is fun” he also shares that “the visual cards we use in tutoring are my favorite because they are fast and fun.” MaKayla expresses great appreciation for her “study buddy” – a stuffed animal she got when she began tutoring and will go home with her when she graduates as a reminder of the lessons she learned here.

I hope you will choose to follow the Ask Dr. Tammy blog throughout 2019.  I will take a look at the dyslexia related happenings in the greater Chippewa Valley, how our mission connects to those events and activities, how we can all be involved through our time, talent, and treasures, and how focusing on the positive characteristics of those with dyslexia will change in the conversation. 

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