2019 Celebration of Achievements-Special Invite

As you might imagine, when students complete the dyslexia tutoring program here at the Children's Dyslexia Centers of Upper WI it is very exciting. Not only do they become an official member of the 'Forever Clever Club' but they also have truly become good readers, spellers and writers. The transformation of these students is nothing less than amazing to witness and the staff at CDCUW, the student families, and the students themselves have a very well deserved sense of pride in this accomplishment. Each year we extend a special invite to the community to come and celebrate with these hardworking students. These dyslexic learners have bright futures ahead and everyone who has supported them along the way is truly a champion. It's great to hear the students speak about what they have learned and applaud the dedication and courage they have shown. We hope you'll join in the celebration May 19, 2019!

"I want to thank my tutor very much for everything! It must be cool to see us students learn to read and know that it will always help us with our future. Our careers will be much better now, so I want to say thank you to everyone that helped me." 

_____  2018 Student Caryville, WI

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